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About us : How did Mell-O-biteS came up?

Mellobites is the vision of Sheethal, who was a HR by profession, being a daughter of a dietician, she continued to be passionate as a home baker until she realized the importance of following her dreams.

Soon, a small, a word of mouth catering business was born & quickly became so popular.

Mell-O-biteS, the brand name itself says mello-soft, bites-bite, Mayan's often referred Chocolate as " Food of the Gods ", the phrase may have its roots, since we are in the Journey of food of delicacies, the name " Food of Seventh Heaven " came up.

We, at Mell-O-biteS take a great pride providing the experience of indulging of each & every bite with luscious & rich flavors which will nourish in your mouth & awaken your soul .

" We can take through the journey of food of delicacies "

Mello Bites