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Artisinal Chocolate

At Mell-O-biteS , we create handcrafted artisanal chocolates .Our chocolates are intricately handcrafted by finest covertures chocolates of the world which has its unique taste ,sensation made from sustainable grown cocoa beans, true flavors to make it rich & divine without any artificial preservatives using real cocoa butter , true vanilla . We also experiment with new flavors every time which in turn gives you smooth ,silky texture on the tongue .

Explore our wide range of chocolate bites & perfect blend of cut & mystery each with its own distinctive flavor depending on the percentage of the cocoa content which give unique taste ,aroma,subtle touch which remains constant while indulging our collections like premium ,classic, gold ,platinum bites ,to name a few :

Dark - Ranging dark ,bitter ,extra bitter .

Milk - Balanced with its own unique taste sensation, ranging from a prounced cocoa taste to a full ,luscious creamy texture.

White - creamy to very refined subtle caramel touch .

Crunchy Nuts - Combination of different nuts like almonds ,cashews, pistachios , hazelnuts etc.

Truffles - A snap outside with a smooth creamy texture melting delicacy in a different variants .

Pralines - A blend of caramelized chopped crunchy nuts ,soft cream with chocolate .

Others like sugar free ,organic , Spices , Herbs ,fresh fruit , Liquor etc.

Our forte is also innovative custom -made packing according to the clients fantasy ,coming out with different creations for different occasions elaborately design from simple to higher end .

Personalize your chocolates with print, emboss or engrave of your dear ones ,corporate logos . Our Chocolates are freshly made to order using the fine quality ingredients ,manufactured in small batches to maintain quality & freshness , using contemporary ,culinary methods to maintain true gourmet chocolate flavor coveted by chocolate connoisseurs .

Artisanal chocolates